This page is to present some interesting excursions you might want to experience yourself... or some even more interesting excursions you may want to avoid! I will start with some positives...

1) Rockhall for the Weekend . Go early on a Saturday and get a slip right next to where the band plays. Or if you are make a long trip to get there, make reservations at one of the marinas. Take your bike or use the trolley which drives around the whole area. Very casual. Too quiet during the week.
2)  Fairlee Creek. Lots of fun once you get in .... but you need to heed your charts on entrance. It is mostly a place to be in your bathing suit.
3)  Cambridge. Definitely a great stay at the resort. Take your bike! A lot of activities for kids and adults. Some good food both on and off resort.
4) Solomons Island, MD. One of my favorites .... but of course I live nearby. Lots of places to eat and drink within walking distance AND lots of places to throw anchor nearby. 
5) Annapolis is definitely a favorite as it has more amenities but still has a small town feel and you can go through the week without getting bored. There are lots of places nearby to raftup and throw anchor.
6) Baltimore is one of the places you go when you need more normal land activities, like theater, bars, baseball games, etc.
7) St. Michaels is a neat little place to go for a day and night. Quaint.
8) Oxford is a neat little place to go during the day but then pull out and throw anchor as the streets roll up at 5 pm.
9)  Sassafras River - one of my favorite places to throw anchor and spend a few quiet days during the week. Quaint Restaurants up at Georgetown MD.
10) Potomac -there are a few interesting places to go (will write more later) however, there are LOTS of places with very little water, lots of shoaling, and lots of debris in the water.
11) Patuxent - also some interesting places to go like Veras Beach Club, but also some places with low water depths and shoaling. Will write more later.

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